Before completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Art Adept
Well met, fellow Artist! Ah, ah no, forgive me. My eyes, they are not what they used to be. You are… a Hero? Yes, I think so. You would do MOST well as a subject for one of my sculptures, I think. But you are, perhaps, interested in the painting? Or the sculpting? Please, explore my Gallery. There is much to see, and if anything strikes your fancy, perhaps we can make a copy to grace the walls of your home.

I delight in holding contests for the Trolls in our town, but also for any foreign artists who might come to visit! If you should hear of one of my contests, please enter, and perhaps your work will someday be prominently displayed in my Gallery of Aesthetic Art!

The Trollic Art community is notorious for its gossips. *I* never take part in that, I assure you! But I can relay what my fellows are saying. For instance, that Trollic trollop, Khasaanda! Her *scoff* prophecies are laced with venom and her own prejudices. We tolerate her for the sake of her twin, who is so jovial! He takes care of her well. She was once such a gentle, kind girl. I miss her enthusiasm in my studio.

And Samba! Did you know that she allows the young ones to dance cheek to cheek? The elders were scandalized! She was fined 30 gold. And she was NOT happy about that, no matter what cheerful face she presents to her customers.

I will let you in on a little secret, but keep it quiet. Bachius has commissioned some banners from me, and is paying triple for speedy completion! I go to meet with him tonight to sketch out some designs. I am delighted, as this will pay for the paints for my next project!

- Dregas' House Shop
- Dregas' Quests

After completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Art Adept
I think… I think there is beauty in Chaos, if one knows how to look. Disorder, randomness, and yet and almost unidentifiable order in the midst of it all. Gorgeous, really. But perhaps… not the best view to have after all we have been through, no?

- Dregas' House Shop
- Dregas' Quests

Location: Bloodtusk Ravine
Note: This NPC is a parody of the artist Degas.

Thanks to Peachii and .Shadow//.

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