Shadowfire Emissary and Class Vendor
Greetings! I have come to find a legendary hero to save my Empire, and you look right for the part! Click the button below and look at the Specials Tab to find the Shadowfire Emissary offer, and begin your journey into the Darkness! Unlock all the most exclusive items in AQWorlds when you upgrade your account, or purchase AdventureCoins to obtain Classes from the Class Shop-

Ways to Buy Classes
Asgardian & Member Shop Vendor
Each of the classes that I can offer can be earned as well as purchased. Hard work has its rewards but most adventurers are busy. I offer the option to spend AdventureCoins to save time and effort. Both are worthy paths. It all depends on what how you see the world.

Create a Guild
Asgardian Warrior & Member Shop Vendor
The greatest Heroes are able to create a Guild so that they and their fellow warriors many battle together more effectively. for more instructions, click the Guild List button in your options menu. Once you have a Guild, you may want to take on J6's Boss Bounty quests. Read J6's letter to begin.

J6's Letter
The Bountyhunter needs your help
"Hello, Hero. If you don't know who I am, just remember, I'm always hunting something and today I need YOUR help to find it! I've got a contract with a list of boss bounties they're welling to pay for… BIG TIME! Grab as many of your TRUSTWORTHY allies as you can and return the trophies to me. I'll split the take — and the rewards — with you."

- J6's Boss Bounty

Who Are You?
(J6 sent a robotic letter, able to answer your questions.) "I'm J6, Galactic Bountyhunter on a mission. Don't ask what it is, I won't tell you… yet. But I know where to go to get what I need, or to get YOU the gold and gear you want! My beginnings were /sketchy, but I've got what I need know to fulfill my mission with your help."

Members of the same Guild Should be able to trust one another, so you'll want to be in on for these missions. It's dangerous to go alone, but when you battle in a group, you need to know you can trust your fellow warriors. Anyone with a blade in hand can easily stab you in the back unless you know you're safe with them.

Golden Fury Set
Asgardian & Member Shop Vendor
You may have heard the tales of Odin, ruler of Asgard. Dage the Evil crafted the armor I wear as a homage to the great warriors of the North. I bow to the might of the Golden Fury, recognizing its great power an craftsmanship. Become a Champion of Lore for 12 months to unlock the Golden Fury gear!

- Class Shop
- Class Merge legendsmall.png
- Member Shop legendsmall.png
- Dredur's Quests
- Shadowfire Emissary Upgrade Offer

Location: Battleon
Note: Also see Shadowfire Emissary (Armor).


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