Location: Legend Bonus 5k AC Shop - Book of Lore
Price: 0 AC
Sellback: 0 AC (Cannot be sold)
Rarity: Artifact Rarity
Description: A Dreadnought is an unstoppable engine of warfare. Nothing can withstand the force present in the magically reenforced armor. Click on the hand or shoulder to activate rune shields that only you can see!

  • Inner orbs pulse.
  • Click on shoulders and hands to activate or deactivate runes.
  • Underlying armor is Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Top armor and runes are Color Custom to Trim Color.
  • Inner orb outlines are Color Custom to Accessory Color.

Thanks to Angel Aurora, Ashari, Haileym1 and 1c3 r3b0rn.

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