Dread Red Dragon Defeated


«Scene: The Hero jumps and evades Red Dragon's attacks to save the Princess»

«Scene: The Red Dragon fell from the Tower and flies away»

Cleric Joy: Oh, please, you've got to save our Princess!
Cleric Joy: King Alteon must stay near the castle to defend Swordhaven, so-

Hero: It's good I landed where I did! I've got everything a Hero needs to save a helpless princess -

Cleric Joy: From the most ferocious dragon Swordhaven has EVEN SEEN!

Hero: Maybe I'd better pick up another Health Potion. Or six.

Cleric Joy: Griselda left to bring word of your rescue attempt to the Royal family. but she left these for you!

Cleric Joy: Follow the road next to the tower. You'll find Artix the Paladin and Robina the Rogue.
Cleric Joy: They've been tracking the dragon and I can tell you more.

«Scene fades»

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