Drayko Fight


«Hero runs up and Tree Titan takes him, Tree and Dragon Titan fight each other, and Hero jumps off to Dragon Titan, now Hero and Drayko in Dragon Titan's mouth»

Drayko: How the….

Hero: Careful… *smirks* You don't want to fall off that ledge.

Drayko: >_< I see what you did there.

Hero: Now… step away from the Cursed Gem of the Forest.

Drayko: NO!!
Drayko: The Dragon is mine…

«Drayko tries to push Hero, but Hero jumps to side just in time for Drayko to fall off»

Hero: Have a nice trip! See you next fall.
Hero: THREE… Hero: TWO… Hero: ONE…
Hero: Where is the squishy splatty thud sound?

«Drayko is flying mid-air»

Hero: Oh… Drat.

Drayko: Dracomancy give you wings!

Hero: Ready to rumble?

Drayko: HAHA YES! *smiles* Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting to fight you?

«Scene fades»

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