Dark Dracomancer
Have you ventured to Etherstorm yet, Hero? I smell the scent of dragon on you, but I have been away from home for many years. I am about to return, though, as there is news of a terrible disaster. Dragons have begun to die around Lore, and I believe the cause will be found in Flameclaw Peak, city of the dragon keepers. We must hurry before time runs out!

Morph Gear?
The gear in my shop will help you fit in while you explore Etherstorm. If you press on different sections of the armor, it will transform until you look like a half-dragon yourself!

Etherstorm Wastes?
Etherstorm Waste, home of the elemental dragons! It is a beautiful, deadly land. Many have tried to conquer it, but none have succeeded for long. You must journey there, if you haven't yet. It holds untold wealth and the promise of treasure beyond imagining… IF you do not become lunch for the dragonkin!

Glowing Chest?
That glowing chest by my feet? I do not know WHAT it is. It emanates evil, though. There was a note left with it, too: "To unlock a prize from inside Dage's chest, find his Dark Key from the Wheel of Doom or Destiny. One winner will find, to their surprise, from inside a custom-made item will rise!" That sounds like almost a poem, and like a very interesting prize.

- Spin the Wheel

- Dragon Morph (Shop)



Thanks to Apus and rickyb20.

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