Dragonlord Trainer
Hail, Adventurer! I am Draken, one of the dragon lords stationed here. On the battlefield, there is only one thing a Dragonlord will depend on and that is their own draconic power. The draconic magic you’ll be taught will make any foe you face quiver in their boots.

What is a Dragonlord?
Armed with the might, wisdom and cunning of ancient dragons, the DragonLord charges into battle with their bonded dragon at their side. Those worthy of greater power can evolve and unleash their elemental draconic magic to devastate the battlefield.

How to get?
DragonLords require a Dragon Amulet to unleash their power. You must verify your account with a DragonFable Dragon Amulet and make your way to the guardian /tower and speak with Tomix.

- Tower

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky
DragonLords draw upon the power of their bonded dragons in combat, channeling the Patience, Rage, and Wrath of dragons to battle multiple foes at once. The most skilled DragonLords can also tap into primal dragon power to unleash even more powerful attacks.

Location: Class Hall C


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