Drakath's Story


«Black screen.»

Drakath: Do you know how I became the champion of chaos?

«Scene: Drakath by the Chaos Gate - lightning flashes in the background.»

Drakath: Do you even know I was a prince?
Drakath: Do you know my story?

«Drakath narrows his eyes.»

Drakath: I'll tell you, so you know before you die!
Drakath: My father was the king of this entire world.
Drakath: Sure, he took it over by unifying all the monsters and enslaving all of the humans.
Drakath: I was prince, destined to inherit this world and it all would have been mine… MINE… had it not been for that meddling Alteon.

«Scene fades.»
«Scene: Dreadhaven»

I watched as Alteon lead an army of pathetic human peasants to our doorstep and then usurp my glorious father.

«Scene fades.»

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