Drakath's Master


«Clouds of Storm Temple»
«Screen fade in»

Lionfang: Even with this much power, I am defeated.
Lionfang: Drakath, I suppose you will destroy me now for trying to use those false Tears of the Mother on you.

Drakath: Oh, come now Lionfang. Don't be so Dramatic.
Drakath: Those were the true Tears of the mother.
Drakath: But they had no effect on me.

Lionfang: Why not?

Hero: Uh, I'm curious about that too.

Drakath: I am no simple Chaos Lord. I have been remade as the avatar of Chaos.
Drakath: I was given the power of Chaos by pure Chaos herself!
Drakath: The Mother of all Monsters is my queen and master and she waits for me to free her.
Drakath: Once the Chaos Gate has been unlocked, she will be set free into our univere once more!

Lionfang: Then <Hero> was not trying to tell me evil lies?

Drakath: Oh no.You have lied to yourself more than enough.

Lionfang: My Storm Temple… what is happening.

Drakath: Weren't you paying attention?

Hero: When you hit Drakath with the tears, they boiled off of him… turned into water vapour.
Hero: …and this whole castle is made of clouds… more water vapour.

Drakath: Very good, <Hero>. Your smarter than you look.

Lionfang: The Tears are tearing apart the Chaos magic that is holding this place together.

Drakath: Not only that. With the power of the Tears now raining down on you…

Lionfang: NO! My power!
Lionfang: Please, Drakath. I'm sorry! Please give it back.
Lionfang: I NEED it to defeat the evil in the land!

«Screen Fades Black and Fades in again with Drakath Laughing»

Drakath: Ah! No!
Drakath: You have been cured of the Chaorruption.
Drakath: Who knows if it will last, but for now… you're immune to my power.

Lionfang: No…WHOA…

Hero: I'm stuck, Drakath, help him!

Drakath: I did TRY to help him, but you robbed him of his power.

Lionfang: YOU! I will kill you for this, <Hero>! If it's the last thing I…

«Screen fades black and fades in with Lionfang falling»
«Fades black and hero is falling but escapes»

Madra: I saw Lionfang fall through the clouds.
Madra: You defeated him.

Hero: He defeated himself. I tried to save him.

Madra: You think the fall killed him?

Hero: You don't?

Madra: Hmmmm. So what happens now?

Hero: The power of the Tears is now in the storm cloud that covers Thunderforge.
Hero: Their power will be diluted but…
Hero: …as it rains, I think it will make everything here slightly resistant to Chaos.

Madra: And so the Mother continues to protect us.
Madra: So long, hero. You have the Darkblood's thanks.

Hero: «In his/her head» The Mother… She is behind all of this.
Hero: «In his/her head» Drakath, Chaos , all the madness in Lore… all of it.
Hero: «in his/her head» This just got more complicated.

«Fades out to black screen»
«Fades in with yellow writing: The End»

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