Drakath's Attention


«Scene: She Who Answers in front of a flame in her cave.»

She Who Answers: Even now <Hero> is watching the death of a Chaos Lord… and the rise of another, this one even more ready to wreak havoc.

«Screen zooms out showing She Who Answers, Sokrakiis, and KAGG in front of the flame in She Who Answers' cave.»

She Who Answers: For many years I have watched you, Kagg, and you, Sokrakiis, shepherd your peoples separately. That time is done.
She Who Answers: I must go to help <Hero>. You, Kagg. Bring your warriors. Ready them to protect the people of Bloodtusk Ravine.
She Who Answers: And Sokrakiis, ready your magicians to provide defense and healing. Should things go… amiss, I fear that Drakath's retaliation against us will be… severe.

«The flame turns purple.»
«Scene moves to Khasaanda and Hero in front of Krellenos' body in the Ore Cavern.»

Khasaanda: Drakath! You thought you had a Chaos Lord you could control, but my brother is DEAD! BOTH of my brothers are dead.
Khasaanda: I will not let you interfere in my life anymore.
Khasaanda: Champion of Chaos or not, you do NOT know what was unleashed when *I* absorbed my brother's Chaorruption!

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: I DEMAND answers from you!

«Screen moves to Drakath on his throne watching Khasaanda threw a rip.»

Drakath: You have questions you cannot already See the answers to?
Drakath: Then by all means, let us meet… Chaos Lord. I would know who it is who will be advancing the cause.

«Screen zooms in on Drakath.»

Drakath: I think you know how to find me.

«Screen moves back to Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: *gasp* I - I FEEL him! The link inside me, it's not… not Krellenos, not anymore. Now, in my head - in my heart - I can sense… DRAKATH.

«Screen zooms out showing Khasaanda touching Krellenos face and Hero kneeling to the right of Krellenos.»

Khasaanda: Oh SkyDancers, save me! *sob*
Khasaanda: NO. I will never soar among the stars now. Not after -

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda and Krellenos' faces.»

Khasaanda: You should never have tried to leave me behind, Krell. We've always been together! But you'll see… I will make everything right. I swear.

«Screen moves showing a portal appear and Khasaanda walking up to it.»

«Screen moves to Khasaanda looking towards the Chaorrupted warriors.»

Khasaanda: You. Tainted Alliance Soldier. Free those Generals. Send them on their way.

«Screen moves back to Hero and Khasaanda in front of the portal.»

Khasaanda: And YOU. <Hero>. You follow me. *I* will show you how to cure Chaorruption at the source.

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: You want to take on Chaos? Watch me.

«Screen zooms out showing Hero and Khasaanda in front of the portal.»
«Khasaanda runs into the portal.»

«Screen moves to She Who Answers.»

She Who Answers: <Hero>!

«Screen moves to She Who Answers and Hero in front of the portal.»

She Who Answers: I arrived just in time. Khasaanda has left to kill Drakath, yes? Good. You and I must follow.
She Who Answers: She will need our help, though she would deny it. I have answers, if she will only ask the right questions. Please, to the Portal!

«Hero looks towards the portal.»
«Screen fades»

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