Drakath (Monster)


Level: 35
Difficulty: 3 stars
Total HP: 311,077 5,208,510 5,208,515

  • Chaos Decay: 315-413

Temporary Items Dropped:

  • N/A

Items Dropped:


  • Can only be faced during the 'The First Confrontation' quest.
  • Cannot be stunned.
  • Chaos Decay nullifies healing, and can turn heals into damage, thus causing other players in combat to take damage from your healing.
  • The Temporal Insanity skill from the Thief of Hours, the Burning Ward skill from a Pyromancer, and the Edited Timeline skill from an Oracle has no effect on Drakath, along with other debuffs.
  • The Burning Ward skill from a Pyromancer when killed, however, will still do 2,000 DoT damage to Drakath.
  • Your attack damage is significantly reduced when attacking Drakath.
  • Confirmed to now be unkillable (Drakath's health will reset after reaching one hit point).



Thanks to Hercules567, Ness860, Paradox, Miko777 and Zero IX.

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