Drakath Drakath


«Scene: Anka, Drakath and Hero in Down Below»

Anka: She was your mother… wasn't she? But even then, she wasn't human.
Anka: By the time you were born, she was already ancient. Already a legend.
Anka: Your father, Dethrix Drakath, fashioned himself as the King of Monsters.
Anka: But it was all her doing. She was the one whispering in his ear, guiding him.
Anka: Helping him build his empire.

Hero: Wait a minute… I thought your dad was King Slugwrath.

Drakath: Bah. That regnal name was used only be those who opposed him. It was an insult to his memory.

Hero: So, his real name was Dethrix Drakath?

Drakath: Yeah, why?

Hero: Well, it's just…
Hero: …does that mean YOUR name is Drakath Drakath?


Hero: Ha! That's great! No wonder you're so cranky all the time.

Drakath: Fool. We don't have time for this! We must focus our attention on Anka before she

Hero: …she's gone.

«Scene fades»

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