Drakath Attacks


«Black screen»

Drakath: Pathetic.

«Scene: Drakath with Xing & Xang»

Drakath: <Hero> runs around attending tournaments, collecting gear…
Drakath: He has lost sight of his REAL purpose.

Xang: Defeating you?

Xing: Being defeated by you?

Drakath: No.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up of Drakath»

Drakath: Serving Chaos.

«Xang appears in the bottom-right corner»

Xang: But he HATES Chaos! He keeps killing all our Chaos Lords.

«Xing appears in the top-left corner»

Xing: The Savior of Lore isn’t supposed to WANT us to win.

«Scene fades»

«Screen zooms out»

Drakath: Exactly. And it’s time we help him remember that.

«Scenes of chaorrupted monsters across Lore»

All across Lore, my creatures are moving against the Hero's allies.

And the Shadowscythe Empress pans to rule once I’m defeated. So amusing.

There is no pattern to where we will strike, or how.

Hands which hurt can also help. We will kill them, confuse them, and crush them!

It is almost time. The next Chaos Lord is almost ready to rise.

Drakath: So, Twins. Let’s make sure he has a chance to warm-up before the Final Battle.
Drakath: The Portal MUST open… and <Hero> must be there when it does.

«Scene fades»

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