DragonStar Map

Location: Dragon Road
Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Obtain the DragonStar Radar' quest)
Sellback: 2 Gold
Rarity: Weird Rarity
Base Damage: 29-31
Description: A piece of worn parchment that reveals the the locations of the various DragonStar Z Crystals. CLICK ITEM to VIEW MAP - you can't find the Z Crystals without it! Use with the Dragon Star Radar - make sure that you are in /dragonroad when you do!

  • When clicked, it brings up the "Opened map". From there, clicking on the correct coordinates will take you to one the following locations, depending on the coordinates:
  • Dragon Star Radar will turn green when pointed at the correct coordinates.
  • Only the owner of the map can use it.

Thanks to Harrison.

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