Dragonplane (Cutscene) (1)


  • Triggered upon entering DragonPlane, cannot be replayed

«Scene: Hero rolls through the gate»

X'dir: At last, you've arrived.
X'dir: I wasn't sure how much longer my strength wou…
X'dir: Thank you. I'm not a hatchling anymore.

Hero: Who are you? What is this place?

X'dir: I am X'dir, Servant of Desoloth.

Hero: Desoloth, the DRAGON?! From the Children's song? I thought Desoloth was only a legend.

X'dir: Hmmm. For a mortal Desoloth might well appear to be a legend. You mentioned a children's song…?

Hero: Yeah. Everyone knows it. I haven't sung it since I was very young but I still remember it and hear parents singing it to their children today.
Hero: Desoloth waits in the dark, Held captive by the DragonMark, Four Dragons watch him, never blinking, But even they can't stop his thinking.
Hero: The power of his thoughts alone, Give form and shape to living stone, He breathes the earth and swims in flame, And plays a slow and patient game,
Hero: So in his half-dream he must wait, Until swings wide the DragonGate. And on that day we will rejoice, As we dance to his ancient voice.

X'dir: I see. Well, I assure you that my master is quite real and in very real danger.

Hero: Danger? I thought Desoloth was supposed to be this great, ancient elemental dragon with limitless power.

X'dir: He is very great and very ancient, but the limits of power are relative.
X'dir: To a mortal he might as well have unlimited power but to other elemental dragons…
X'dir: Eight hundred years ago, four of the Prime Elemental Dragons tricked Desoloth into entering the DragonGate.
X'dir: For the past eight centuries, they have been weaving their magic together to make the DragonMark which will soon be complete…
X'dir: …and seal my master into the DragonGate forever.

Hero: Your magic is so strong, can't you help him?

X'dir: I'm a mere Dravix, I cannot oppose a Dragon. That is why I had to open the 11-11-11 Portal.
X'dir: I am very weak after opening the door to your world.
X'dir: Please, you MUST save my master. If a Dragon of his power is sealed behind the DragonGate, who knows what would happen to the balance of the elements!
X'dir: For the sake of my beloved master and your world, please… help Desoloth.

Hero: I'll do what I can. Where do I start?

«Scene fades»

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