Dragon's Heart


«Hero confronting Inferno Dracolich»

Warlic said the elemental dracoliches connect Desoloth to the Dragon Plane.

«Hero confronting Deluge Dracolich»

That as long as they survive, he can tap into the Heart of the Dragon Plane and affect ALL dragonkin!

«Hero confronting Granite Dracolich»

As long as he is able to use that link to create more dracoliches… they. Must. DIE!

«Hero confronting Tempest Dracolich»

Only one link remains now: the Avatar of Desolich, Lavablast the Final!

«Change scene, Drakath at the Chaos Portal, watching Hero defeating the Dracoliches through it, and in the background, Desolich flying in the background»

Drakath: No, you didn't see that coming, did you? Your creations are powerful, just like mine were.
Drakath: But if there's one thing I've learned about <Hero>… his actions cannot be predicted. Or controlled.
Drakath: Not yet. You'll learn. So will he. The Chaos he causes - and that you've HELPED him cause -
Drakath: Are EXACTLY what I needed. Go on now. I know you want to watch your avatar succeed.

«Desolich leaves»

Drakath: AHhahahaha..

«Scene fades»

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