Dragon's Descent


«Scene: Dragonhame - Hero defeats an infected dragon»

Drakor: I will send this one back to the Dragon Plane. Maybe there, he can be… purified.
Drakor: I would not leave him like this even in death.
Drakor: Go now. Shi'Nah.

«Change Shi'Nah and Ll'Ara procuring the eggs, Drako casts a spell at them, producing a protective dome»

Hero: This will protect the eggs… but what about the dragons who have already fallen ill?

Drakor: Wards have been raised around the, too, inside the infirmary.
Drakor: They are as safe as we can make them.

Hero: For now. And if they get worse?
Hero: If they become… like that other one?

Drakor: We cannot think about that now. We need to focus on finding a cure!

Hero: We don't even know what is causing the illness!

Drakor: Then you've got your next mission, don't you?
Drakor: Find Galanoth. He doesn't much like dragons, but he knows more about them that anyone.

«Shi'Nah and Ll'Ara leave»

Hero: Even HE will recognize that whatever this is… it does not just threaten dragonkin.

«Scene fades»

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