Dragon's Defeat


«Scene: Hero battling the Black Dragon»

«Hero hits the Black Dragon, knocking it out the the window»

«Hero turns toward the door»

«Artix comes out the door, tired»

Artix: Stairs and armor do not always mix.

«Scene: Hero and Artix standing at the edge of the building, looking down»

«Artix turns, facing the hero»

Artix: Fantastic job! It is always good to have a battle companion when facing undead AND Dragons!

«Scene: Back to Artix and Hero on the edge»

«Hero looks around»

Hero: That Dragon might be gone, but what is THAT thing… and where is it going?!!

Artix: It looks like it is headed for Swordhaven! Meet me there, we could use your help!

«Artix looks at the door to the stairs»

Artix: I know a MUCH faster way down!

«Artix looks back at the Hero»

Artix: I have a great idea! Follow me!

«Artix jumps off the building»

«Hero thinks»

Hero: I think I'll take the portal…

«Hero heads to the protal»

«Scene fades»

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