Dragon's Dawn


«Hero fighting Ektrorax»

StoneScythe: <Hero>!

«StoneScythe throws his weapon at Hero, who uses it defeat Ektorax»

StoneScythe: I had a feeling this is where we'd find it.

Hero: You knew? Then why all this? The battles, the testing?

StoneScythe: If I didn't know how well you handled a dragon in combat before, I do now.
StoneScythe: You've got what it takes to survive what comes next.
StoneScythe: We get a lot of different kinds of heroes, in the Order of DragonMasters.
StoneScythe: Some join to control, some to exploit. Some to guide and nourish and protect.
StoneScythe: We aren't DragonLords; we don't bond with our beasts. We tame. We master.
StoneScythe: Mutual partnership is what's going to save their race, and our own. This I believe.
StoneScythe: And YOU believe ME. This? Was like breaking a chickencow egg compared to what comes next.

Hero: And that's wheere the prophecy comes in?

«Scene fades»

«Images of various dragons are displayed»

Fluffy the LuckBinder
Xergon the Golden
Glacius the Frostwyrm
Dagron the Evil

«Scene fades»

These are just four of the 12 dragons who will one day, centuries from now, rule a new world.
But we have the task of finding and raising the Chosen Ones NOW, to ensure the prophecy is realized.
Ichorus the Slime Dragon will hatch. He will be saved and raised to work WITH humans.
Our sons and daughters will be rasied alongside him.

One day, our future may be brighter than it is now.

«Hero holding Ichorus' egg»

StoneScythe: This is just the first, you know. The Prophetess is searching, seeking signs of the next.

Hero: … I don't have to find THIRTEEN, do I? That has not been a lucky number for me.

StoneScythe: … No. Only 12. That's enough for any mortal. Or you.

Hero: It's almost pretty, if you forget about the squishing and just focus on the colors.

StoneScythe: In two centuries, that SQUISH is going to be one of the deadliest beasts this world has ever known.
StoneScythe: And it will mate. And its children will mate. And one day, long after you or I are gone…

Hero: A new world, a world ruled by dragons, will emerge. I can feel it.
Hero: I… I think I can sense the little one in there. Its starting to stir.

StoneScythe: If you've got a feel for it NOW, then you might just be the one we ALL need.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Ichorus' egg against a black background. A crack appears in the egg»

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«Scene fades»

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