Dragon Rises, Dragon Falls / Dragon Rises


«Chaos Dragon in Swordhaven Castle Plaza, screen fades to black»

When the blood of Swordhaven's heir was unwillingly shed by Swordhaven's king,
the 12th Beast of Chaos woke.
The 12th Beast of Chaos rose.
The 12th Chaos rune shone.

«Change scene to Drakath at Chaos Portal, Chaos Portal's 12th rune shines. Through the portal the Chaos Dragon flying is seen. Change scene to Swordhaven, Chaos Dragon sets Swordhaven Castle in flames, destroying it, then black screen»

As the city is engulfed by flames, Chaos Lord Alteon sends his last loyal servant away bearing a note sealed with the crest of Swordhaven.
Staring at the throne before him, the ghosts of his past taunt and tease him, twisted into nightmarish and Choarrupted forms.

«Change scene, King Alteon at his destroyed throne»

He sots, unmoving and unseeing, trapped inside himself by the Chaos controlling him.
He waits… for you.

«Change scene to Lady Celestia and Hero»

Lady Celestia: <Hero>! Thought my heart weeps, we cannot take the time to mourn for the Princess.
Lady Celestia: The 12th Chaos Beast has risen, and all of Lore is at risk!
Lady Celestia: You MUST defeat it before Chaos Lord Alteon can loose it upon the world.
Lady Celestia: Though, if there is any Hope left, some shred of his humanity remains, and he will not attack before you are prepared.

«Screen shakes and rocks fall»

Hero: It's on the roof! Lady, quick! what is the FASTEST way to the top of the Castle?

Lady Celestia: It will take too long to explain. Follow me!

«Change scene to Hero and Lady Celestia, now at Castle Roof»

Lady Celestia: There she stands. A magnificent creature twisted by filth and Chaos. Drakath MUST pay!

Hero: On that, I think the world would agree.

«Scene fades»

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