Dragon Plane in Peril


«Hero and Drakor, with Dragon Priests and Warlic in Dragonhame, with a red dragon in the background»

Hero: The Heart of the Dragon Plane. If I can… tap into that, I can cleanse ALL of the dragons?
Hero: At once? So no more would fall ill?

«Red dragon in the background falls ill»

Drakor: That is so. But what you said about Desoloth -

Hero: DesoLICH. He's not gone; Warlic has proof.

Warlic: Well. As I told you, all the evidence we gathered does point to Desoloth in… lich form.

Drakor: May the lightning strike him down! He couldn't have survived! We all saw -

Warlic: None of you saw his body disappear. I was told he returned to the Dragon Plane.
Warlic: And the letter only states that -

Drakor: WHAT letter?! You said nothing of this!

«Warlic shows the letter»

Warlic: This one. Your messenger brought it to me while <Hero> was in the Infirmary.
Warlic: You had received it while I was in Gilead, yes?

«Drakor receives the letter»

Drakor: … No. I received nothing.

Letter: A commander is the heart of his army, but without soldiers, has nothing. Look to the elements. To the udnead. To the dragonkin. And to the ruler which has bound them all.

Drakor: So. The plague kills the dragons.

Warlic: Desolich raises them up again. A metamorphosis from corpse to "zombie" to…

Hero: Elemental dracoliches. And by going to the Dragon Plane -

«Change scene, Drakath at Chaos Portal watching Desolich»

Drakath: <Hero> will destroy those delightful abominations you created when you thought I was distracted.
Drakath: Did you think you had escaped my notice?
Drakath: Foolish beast. You serve in silence, but you ARE the Prime Elements!
Drakath: Why would I let a magnificent tool like that go unused?
Drakath: Hahaha…
Drakath: And why wouldn't I help our friend along with a well-time letter as he makes his next move?
Drakath: You've gained an army, and no matter what <Hero> does, some of them will survive.
Drakath: Once you create life - or unlife - it takes on a nature of its own. Can't always be predictable controlled.
Drakath: And now <Hero> has to spend time and energy cleaning up this mess. Most excellent… for me.

«Desolich, with Chaotic eyes»

Desolich: More than my dracoliches escape predictable control. MASTER.
Desolich: The day you learned what waits for you…

«Scene fades»

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