Dragon of Time (Cutscene)


«Scene: Head of the snake at Timevoid»

«Iadoa pauses time and appears. The Hero points their weapon at him»

Iadoa: Will you put that thing away? I will NOT hurt you.

Hero: Not right now. You said yourself you would have to be in the future. Feeling any better?

Iadoa: Not at all, but we don't have much time for that. I've seen what I've seen, and I'm committed to ensuring YOU fulfilled your destiny.
Iadoa: If I have to hurt you to do so, I will. But now is not the time, so please put away your blade. Please.

«Hero puts away their weapon and steps back»

«Iadoa projects the image of the Hero inside a floating clock»

Iadoa: Tell me, <Hero>, do you realize what you've done?

«Scene: Hero defeating monsters on top of the time snake»

You've gained the Uneneding One's trust by defending it from it's attackers…

«Hero holds up an empty hourglass»

Proven your worth fighting to regain what was stolen from it…

«Hero holding a scale»

And proven that you are concerned to the Void of Time by mixing it's crushed scales with dried Phoenix tears…

«Hero holds a full hourglass»

To restore the sand in the Exaglasses, objects which measure the length of the Universe.

«Hero standing on top of the snake's head with the full hourglass»

The Unending One recognizes you as one of it's creatures, those who can walk the Void unhindered.

«Hero defeats smaller time snake»

You exchanged blows and blood with one of its children. You are kin to Vaxt Ahas now.

«Scene: Hero and Iadoa on top of snake's head»

Iadoa: And that changes everything. If you had not succeeded, I couldn't show you what you must see.

Hero: I've got a soft spot for Warlic2. I battle what he points at. He's got a trustworthy face, you know?

Iadoa: I do. I made it. Now come. What you are about to see will teach you much… but not enough. Not yet.

Hero: Of course not. No enlightment until I chop enough wood, right? I'd better sharpen my axe.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and Iadoa stand in front of a gate with a stone dragon on it. Iadoa casts a spell and the gate lights up, along with the stone dragon's eyes»

«Scene fades to white»

This is not the first time your world existed.

«Sepulchure stands in a burning Swordhaven Castle»

The friends you know loved lived before.

Hero: ……..?!

«Arcangrove aflame»

Until Sepulchure succeeded in his quest to rule Lore… and Evil reigned unchallenged.

Hero: Ooooh no. I did NOT fight this whole time to see THAT!

«Doomwood aflame»

You were not there to battle alongside Artix, Robina, Galanoth, and Warlic.

Iadoa: Your blade is worth more than you might have realized.

«The Northlands aflame as the Dragon of Time watches in the distance»

But outside the battle, outside Lore itself, the Eternal Dragon of Time watched the battle rage.

Iadoa: YOU are more of a Hero than you know. It's time you began to understand why.

«Galanoth stands in Swordhaven Castle, surrounded by the knights that Sepulchure killed»

Galanoth: They're gone. All of them.
Galanoth: There is nothing I can do to bring my friends, my family… my home.

«Galanoth raises his blazing weapon»

Galanoth: Unless the ancient lore holds true…

Hero: Ah, Galanoth… The Answer's always dragons with you, isn't it?

«Scene: Galanoth confronts the Dragon of Time in the void of time and space»

Dragon of Time: It is past time you arrived, Dragonslayer.

Galanoth: These aren't easy roads to find or travel, you know. You hid the way well.

Hero: …This looks REALLY famililar. Are you having the Déjà vu too?

Iadoa: Silence. Watch now. Question later.

Dragon of Time: That which is easy to earn is worth little.
Dragon of Time: How many miles would you cross to save a world? And how much blood would you shed?

Galanoth: I, just want-

Dragon of Time: Enough! You seek reverse time, world, and everything.
Dragon of Time: You know what you must do… And so do I.

«The Dragon of Time attacks Galanoth, who stabs the dragon in the chest»

«Scene: There's now a hole in the Dragon of Time's chest, but instead of a heart, there are three hourglasses - one green, one blue, and one pink»

Iadoa: Where the Dragon of Time's heart should have rested were three hourglasses.
Iadoa: Each one represented a timeline where heroes like you lived, strived, and died. Worlds like and unalike this one.

Hero: And when the glasses broke and the sand mixed?

Iadoa: I think you can guess, <hero>.

Hero: My world was re-created.

Iadoa: And you were born as the world reformed. …But so, too, was Drakath. And his Master.

Hero: ……..

«White flash»

«Scene: Iadoa looks at his portrait of the Hero inside of a clock»

Iado: Every world needs a champion. Every time needs a Hero. When this world was reset, that role fell to you.
Iadoa: Many have traveled a similar road before, but none will fill it the way you can.

«The portrait of the Hero fades and is replaced by one of Drakath»

Hero: And Drakath's plan? Stopping Chaos? Where do they come in?

«Iadoa's clock projection disappears»

Iadoa: The Dragon of Time's death will not be in vain. The power unleashed when he sacrificed himself…

Hero: If its power can create our world, it can save it too. You just make sure you teach me the right things.

Iadoa: I can prepare the lessons, but YOU must be ready to learn them.

«Scene fades»

It is a great and terrible thing Galanoth did, slaying the Dragon of Time.

If he had not, your world would have been completely destroyed. All those you care about would be gone. But this world needed a Hero, just as the other three timelines did.

Their courage and strength is now yours. Strive to be worthy of his sacrifice.

«Scene fades»

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