«Scene: a fleet of pirate ships float on the ocean. A dracolich flies through the air, approaching the ships. Captain Rhubarb stands on the deck of his ship, the Red Betty, with Floyd on his shoulder»

Captain Rhubarb: FIRE!!!!

«The ships open fire on the dracolich, which breathes purple flames and attacks the ships, sinking many of them»

Floyd: This dragon be destroyin' us! We won't be able t' hold out much longer!

Captain Rhubarb: Aye, I dunno if we can outrun this beast, but we have t' try!
Captain Rhubarb: Come about and set all sail for shore!

«The ships sail away from the flame-breathing dracolich»

Captain Rhubarb: Best send word t'Artix and Galanoth for help.
Captain Rhubarb: I have a feelin' we be goin' t' need them both.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: an island overrun by the undead - screen pans right to the Hero, Artix, Galanoth, Captain Rhubarb, and Floyd»

Artix: I can not believe we are here to fight an undead dragon who has an entire undead army!

«Artix holds out the Blinding Light of Destiny»

Artix: My axe is ready!

Hero: But, why are they all attacking you?

Captain Rhubarb: Alas! I don't know. We were sailin' aft from an expedition when the dragon attacked.
Captain Rhubarb: She's been relentlessly pursin' us ever since.

Galanoth: Well, whatever the reason…
Galanoth: You've called on the right people to deal with her.

Artix: A dragon slayer… an undead-slayer paladin… and <Hero>!
Artix: What could possibly go wrong?

«Scene fades»

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