Draconic Pride


«Scene: the Hero and Galanoth have defeated many Storm Drakels»

Valsarian: Enough!

«A ball of lightning appears over the Hero and Galanoth»

Valsarian: You dare defy me?

«The ball of lightning lifts the Hero and Galanoth off the ground»

Valsarian: You are NOTHING!

«Scene fades»

«Hero and Galanoth floating inside the ball of lightning way up high»

Valsarian: Nothing but mortal insects who will soon be dust!
Valsarian: And you think you can stand a chance against a magnificent being like Valsarian?

«The ball of lightning floats closer to Valsarian»

Valsarian: Dragons were once the supreme beings of Lore, and we will rule it once more.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and Galanoth standing at the top of the mountain, in front of Valsarian»

Valsarian: And I will inspire dragons across Lore to do what I have done… by killing you.

Galanoth: NO.
Galanoth: We will make sure this NEVER happens again, by slaying YOU.

«Scene fades»

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