Dr. Neelo

Hollowborn Creator
There you are, someone as curious as I am. Call me Dr. Neelo. Most of my Hollowborn brethren insist on calling me a scientist but I have grown beyond that. Overcoming death under the auspices of the Shadow Fiend allowed me the time I needed to create new life. Therefore, I should be known as a creator. My creations, however, have begun to rebel. If you help me control them, you'll be rewarded handsomely.

The mundane scientific method bores me. My former colleagues' concern for safety bores me. Gaining strides can not come without taking risks, and that's why I'm hollowborn. My current experiment, Module 005, is going on another rampage, but you're here to fix that. Eventually, I'll find a way to fully control my Chaoroot-fused creations and theoretically keep them free from Chaos' sway. Hypocrite? Me? Bah.

I've been given eternity and it's still not enough. My lab used to be an apothecary's clinic and it took centuries to raise it to the technological edge. If it were not for the gas leak that ended my mortal life, I'd be a footnote in history. Perhaps my chaotic discoveries and new handy ‘tools' will motivate the other Hollowborn to actually aid my endeavors. Apparently I have a personality problem. Tsk, those ignoramuses.

- Dr. Neelo's Quests
- Hollowborn Lab Merge

Location: Hollowborn Challenge


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