Dr. Ganx

Visiting Medical Expert?
Of course you're here. Why would I expect anything less? Well, if you don't bother with me, then I won't bother with you. In fact, keep your mouth shut about my little beach vacation and I might be willing to exchange favors. In a couple of hours, I'm hopping on the pier to get an ocean tour. It's invite only, so find someone in town that's allowed to have a plus one. I hear they're sympathetic to families.

After completing the 'Faces in the Foam' quest:

Visiting Medical Expert?
Surprise, surprise, we made it in one piece. Aren't you just so reliable! I see Dr. Mostyma took my advice and forged documents saying you were his assistant and a sibling. Dr. Rivale over there has a soft spot for mushy family feels. I should've brought my sister, but she's too busy distracting your most favorite person in the world! Pfft, he'd have a fit if he knew I snuck out here on a pharmacy run.

We might be on speaking terms, but you, the brat, and I should have a coffee before we gossip in-depth. As if you weren't there to see the boss man's wings burn off anyways…he pretends nothing's wrong, but we can tell the burns are spreading. I don't know why he locks himself in his room when my sister and I can find a way to hel- Oof, overshared just now. Didn't realize how tempting a willing ear was.

I'm aligned with Chaos. I don't have anything to prove, and I do what I want. What if I'm just curious about what Swordhaven is cooking at the beach? Have to say, their security's full of holes. You found the base, I found the base, we're all partying at the ultra secret base! I also know that they're treating the Elemental Champions' injuries here. The doctors won't cry over a few bottles of medicine going missing.

I noticed you've got a deal going on with *air quotes* Caesar over there. How about you make one with me? Come on, you've worked with the boss man when you had the same goal. How am I different from him? Let's lay some ground rules. You don't rat me out, and I won't trash this nerd bunker. As an extra, I'll share what I find while I snoop in exchange for anything you find that would be interesting to me.

Location: Ashray


Thanks to Amduscia.

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