Dr. De'Sawed Defeated


«Kimberly defeating De'Sawed with her guitar's waves. De'Sawed cralws through a hole in the ground. Scene changes to Hero, Kimberly, Cysero and Junior elsewhere in Catacombs»

Hero: *pant pant* This thing really doesn't know when to quit.

Kimberly: We've driven it back underground. It should take a few hundred years for it…

Cysero: Tell ya what? Can we do this "We beat the monster" speech somewhere else?
Cysero: Somewhere FAR AWAY FROM HERE?

Kimberly: Yup!

Junior: Agreed.

Hero: Forget this palce.

«Black screen»

De'Sawed: Hello?

«From black to screen to the hole De'Sawed crawled through»

De'Sawed: Hellooooooooo?
De'Sawed: Is anyone left up there?
De'Sawed: Ooookay. I'll just be down here until the sequel… I guess.
De'Sawed: Yup, they're gone.
De'Sawed: … And I'm talkin' to m'self.

«Scene fades»

The End

«Scene fades»

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