Down the Well



«Hero and Jagger looking for Nastasia until they find her in the bottom of the well»

Jagger: NASTASIA!!

Hero: She's fallen down the well!

«Hero and Jagger get down the well and Nastasia's body disappears, leaving in a pink orb to appear somewhere else, where Hero and Jagger find her»

Jagger: Nastasia!!!
Jagger: You're… you're alive?!

Nastasia: "You're alive?" What kind of a question is that for the girl you love?

Jagger: What happened?!

Nastasia: What happened is that YOU forgot our plans!

Jagger: But you -

Nastasia: But nothing you promised -

Jagger: You FELL down a WELL!

Nastasia: And YOU promised me a picnic and presents for Hero's Heart Day…
Nastasia: And I have a HUGE headache - ALL of me hurts, and my magic is not helping AT ALL.
Nastasia: Do you REALLY want to keep focusing on what I did when YOU'D just run off with…
Nastasia: THAT <Hero's Class>.

Hero: Woah woah woah!

Jagger: Nastasia, honey, it's not like that! Our friend here was helping me deliver your gifts..
Jagger: and we couldn't find you, and then we saw you at the bottom of the well…
Jagger: and we thought…

«Jagger grabs Nastasia»

Jagger: Nevermind what we thought, or what it looked like.
Jagger: I am just so happy to have you back, my love!

Hero: But still, it IS really weird you just -

Jagger: <Hero>. It's NOT weird. Nastasia fell. Now she's back. And that's ALL we care about!

Nastasia: You're acting really strange, Jagger. Come find me after you're done being weird.

Hero: Ah HA! I get it now!

Jagger: ??

Hero: I now know why she disappeared!

Jagger: Oooooh! That makes sense. I figured it.

Hero: Yeah, I always wondered why creatures just…. disappeared… after dying.

Jagger: Strange world we live in.

Hero: Fact.

Jagger: No matter—I am just happy to have my true love back.
Jagger: Let's go find Nastasia. I'll need your help making this the best Hero's Heart Day ever for her.

Hero: And on Friday the 13th no less…

Jagger: …So what could possible go wrong?

«Hero facepalms»

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