Down Below, In The Dark


«Scene: Hero in the basement of the lab, which is covered in blue goop»

Hero: Whoa… it's so spooky down here!
Hero: It looks like no one's been here for decades. But I know that can't be true!

«The hero is startled as the screen pans to the right, revealing that Wistar-287 has somehow become a glowing green skeleton hamster»

Wistar-287: Days… months… years. I can't remember how long it's been.

Hero: Omigosh! What happened to you? You look…
Hero: …dead.

Wistar-287: I have always been. Perhaps it's harder to see above, in the light.
Wistar-287: Come on! The source of the mold is down here, in the basement.
Wistar-287: But be careful…

«Scene: the broken cage from earlier in the map»

Wistar-287: …the creature that escaped from its cage may be down here as well.

«Scene fades»

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