Double Party



«LengJing puts a potion into a bowl, then mixes, then puts fire to a scroll, which disappears»

Hero: I don't think that worked.

«Oni is summoned»

LengJing: One! Obey me! Drive Fausto and his parade crew out of this street!

«Oni slashes LengJing and then runs away»

LengJing: What?! No! Fausto is THAT way!

Fausto: Aaaah! What is this??

LengJing: <Hero>! I can't control the Oni! You have to stop it!

Hero: I don't think I can do it on my own!
Hero: Fausto, Lengjing! This whole mess is your fault! YOU get to help me clean it up!

«Scene fades»

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