Doppelgangers Introduction (2)


«Hero at Catapult, with Fred, Will, Drakath present»

Hero: Okay, ready!

Fred: Dude, why didn't we think of THAT!?


«Drakath activates catapult, a rock launches, hits dome's wall, bounces off wall, hits Fred, bounces off floor, almost hits Will but he gets out of the way just in time»

Will: Hmmm. Not even a scratch. What is this place made of? This is totally bogus!

Fred: (offscreen) Most heinous. Most non-excellent. I think my body broke. I'm just gonna sit here for a while.

«To dome's wall, Collector appears»

Collector: Hello again, is everyone getting along?

«To Drakath, et al.»

Drakath: Eh, bite me.

«To Collector»

Collector: Good! I have a little surprise for Will and Fred!

«To Will»

Will: I get to wake up?

«To Collector»

Collector: Since you two can't cut it in the vocalization department, I've made completely perfect duplicates of you optimzed for maximun vocal projection.

«Collector spawns dopplegangers»

Doppleganger: We're you, dude!
Doppleganger: Totally!

«To Will and Fred»

Fred: Take your stinking paws off our genetic code you darned dirty collector!
Will: *barfbarg*

Collector: Perhaps they're not QUITE perfect. They will probably need to take your life energy to complete themselves…
Collector: … but don't worry, other than being dead you won't be harmed in any way.
Collector: You'll stay in perfect condition.

«To Drakath»

Drakath: I'm sure that's a relief.

«To Collector, he opens a green portal, doppelgangers go through and enter the dome»

«To Collector»

Collector: Once they have your life energy, I will be ready to display my collection to the rest of my people! This is so exciting!

«Collector teleports away, to Hero»

Hero: That thing around the Collector's neck…

Drakath: He calls it his Vigilette. He uses it to view realities and travel through space and time.

Hero: Then that is exactly what we need.

Drakath: Um, I think I have a plan. But we'll need to get his attention.

Will: You gotta help us! You gotta kill those doppelgangers!

Fred: He's going to kill us!

Drakath: Yeah, that'll work!

«Scene fades»

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