Dark Whispers
He is no longer your friend! He would take from you your home. He has already stolen the woman you love. Show him what happens to those who defy you!

- I will not let him control me.

After completing the 'He's Not Your Friend' quest:

Dark Whispers
You could defeat this dragon with your blade and armor alone. But with the strength of your own dragon behind you, they stand no chance. Show him who is supreme!

How can I do that?
Use the mouse to move the Dragon on the screen.
In the air:

Left-Click while in the air to shoot fireballs.
Hold and release Left Mouse Button to ignite the Dragon's flame.

To run move the dragon to the ground.

On the ground:Left-Click to make the Dragon Bite.

- If you get hit by enemies you will lose hit points.
- Eat Guardians to regain health.
- Destroy as many things as you can to achieve a High Score.
- Take down Corvak to accomplish your quest!

- Doomblade's Quests
- Play Game

After completing the 'Defeat the Dragon' quest:

Dark Whispers
You are finished here… the Plane of Darkness awaits!

- Battle Alteon Again (Takes you to Screen 1)
- Replay Game
- Area Map




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