Doom War (Location)

Town-Level 0 to 60





Map Name: doomwar
Room Limit: 6
Access Points:


  • Lair Screen 2 unlocked at 10%
  • Mythsong unlocked at 20%
  • Mythsong Screen 2 unlocked at 30%
  • Arcangrove unlocked at 40%
  • Arcangrove Screen 2 unlocked at 50%
  • Willowshire unlocked at 60%
  • Willowshire Screen 2 unlocked at 70%
  • ??? (Battleon) unlocked at 80%
  • Also see Doom War.

'What should I do?' button

Galanoth has fallen to the zombie fog! The DragonSlayer is not trying to slay the dragons… he is trying to BITE them! I never thought this would happen… but I need to DEFEND the dragons from Galanoth! AND slay the dragons that have already been zombified!

Thanks to Dementor Lord, EPC-Bobakrome, HunterCurtis, ingomarelementary, Jont2, L0re, ShadowWhisperer, Syudanco and Young n Free.

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