Doom Vordred Awakens



«Hero, Deady and Voltaire in battle with shadow creatures»

Voltaire: The Necronomicon tells of a mysterious stranger; a being able to manipulate the shadows.
Voltaire: If anyone could cause what happened here… it's HIM!

Hero: What… IS he?

Voltaire: … Darkness. And Doom. Everything else written about him is untranslatable.
Voltaire: And probably incredibly insulting, if these symbols are any guide.

«Mysterious Stranger nears the group»

Mysterious Stranger: Oh, you know what I am very well, <Hero>.
Mysterious Stranger: And I have watched you grow over many lifetimes. You are always so… interesting.
Mysterious Stranger: But I digress.
Mysterious Stranger: You defeated my 12 Lords of Doom. I expected no less from you.
Mysterious Stranger: But what will you do…with THIS?

«Mysterious Stranger beings summoning something»

Mysterious Stranger: I think you're ready to face my greatest shadow creation.

«Mysterious Stranger summons Doom Vordred»

Mysterious Stranger: Vordred, the 13TH LORD OF DOOM.

«Doom Vordred attacks»

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