Doom Vault 9


  • Doom Vault
    • Triggers when clicked on Princess after activating the traps on Screen 14

«Princess picks up Hero»

Hero: Wow… you have been saying "HELP ME!" all this time and now you are the one saving me!

Princess: Help me! Help me!

Hero: Haha… right… that is what you keep saying.

«Princess pulls up Hero to a platform»

Princess: Help me! Help me!

Hero: Why do you keep saying that…..

«Scroll to left to discover Princess is the Esca of an anglerfish»

Princess: Help me! Help me!


Hero: OMG!!!!!!!!!!

«Hero tries to run away, but Princess Angler runs after him. Change scene to GrimSkull and Mort in his throne»

GrimSkull: Ahahahaha… you should have seen the look on your face. PRICELESSS!!!!!!! That's the room everyones going to be talking about tomorrow. All the heroes are now like "Help me help me!" AAAHHHHHhahhahahaha!

«Scene fades»

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