Don't Worry


«Scene: Hero and Loremaster Anka in Forest Reach»

Loremaster Anka: The evidence is supporting a suspicion I've had for awhile.
Loremaster Anka: I believe there is an opening between the world's here. Not a portal, exactly… more like a tunnel, small and hidden.
Loremaster Anka: A crack just wide enough to let a few roaches through.

Hero: Roaches?

Loremaster Anka: Well. Not literally roaches. I'm talking about the monsters we've been studying. Monsters from…

Hero: …from the Plane of Monsters.

Loremaster Anka: Yes.

Hero: Anka, that's really bad! We've gotta do something about this!

Loremaster Anka: Indeed we do.
Loremaster Anka: Don't worry, my friend. This is my area of expertise.

«Scene fades»

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