Don't Stop The Music


«Scene: The Hero faces off against the Sandman»

Hero: How do you fight something that’s made of freakin’ SAND?

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The DREAMERS get sucked up into a portal»

Jacob: Hey, you’re doing great!
Nelson: I can see the way out! It’s right up ahead!
Nick: Just keep fighting him for a little while longer and we’ll be-


«The DREAMERS, the Sandman, and the Hero fall and land with a thud»
«Scene: The Hero rubs their head in a cloudy land»

Hero: Ow. My head.
Hero: Where am I?

«Scene: Artix and Alina grab the Hero»

Artix: Hey, look who’s finally awake!

Hero: I… was asleep?

Alina: Yep, passed out right there on the ground. You almost missed a great show!

Hero: Omigosh! That IS what I was doing! I thought it was a…

«Scene: The Hero watches the DREAMERS concert»
«Scene fades»

Hero: …dream.

«The Sandman fades in behind the Hero»

Sandman: Not a dream. Just a few DREAMERS.

Hero: Aww, maaaan. I thought we left you behind in the Vortex.

Sandman: Calm yourself. I am not here to ruin the show. I will take our DREAMERS back to their world once they have finished.

Hero: That’s awfully… decent of you. Not what I expected, after everything you put us through.

«Scene: Zoomed-out view of the Sandman and the Hero on some clouds»

Sandman: I am the Master of Dreams. I have seen what happens when mortals are not capable of becoming all they can be.
Sandman: DREAMERS like these…
Sandman: MUST face adversity, challenge, struggles. Those are the tools that shape your kind, and allow your unique brand of creativity to flourish.
Sandman: Shortcuts would deprive them of experiences. Of resources to fuel future creation.

«Scene fades to white»
«Scene: The Sandman and the Hero dancing to the DREAMERS' concert offstage»

Sandman: Besides. Why would I stop them? It is so rare I get to hear new music.
Sandman: Lullabies grow so tired after a few millennia of repetition.

«Scene fades»

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