Don Giovanni

Troubled Man-About-Town
Thank goodness you came! I'll tell you everything I know about Chaos Lord Discordia if you can help save me from being pulled to the underworld. I made a deal with a mage named Faust, but he cheated me! If you can save me… I'll tell you what I know! Please hurry. I don't have much time left.

I've always been… I guess you could call me a Not-Nice-Guy… and Faust told me that he could use his power to give me wealth, romance, and fun for the rest of my life if I promised to let him drag me to the underworld when my life was over!

Sounds like a good deal, right? No? Well, I thought it did at the time. But he TRICKED me! There was fine print that I couldn't even read, on the back of the contract in invisible ink… the "rest of my life" was only going to last one WEEK!

Now that week is almost up and I just found out about the fine print. If you can get that contract for me, and we can destroy it then I'll be free and I'll tell you everything that you know about Discordia's plans! Please, you have to help me or I'm doomed!

- Don Giovanni's Quests

After completing Don Giovanni's Quests:

Troubled Man-About-Town
Thanks for saving me, hero. I promise I'll turn my life around from here on out. You should head back to Mythsong City and tell Dorian Mode what I told you. He might be able to use that information.

Location: Orkestra
Note: This NPC's name is a direct reference to an opera composed by Mozart.


Thanks to Drakel War Lord and LiteSage.

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