Doctor Hoo's Quests


Quest Location: Birds with Harms
Quests Begun From: Doctor Hoo
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Hoo Are You?' quest.

It's great to see a fellow human hoo has a deep moral code and the brawn to back it up. But are you as strong as your stomach is…? Time Travel is not for the faint of heart - or those prone to motion sickness - but if you're ready to travel across space and time, then the time has come! Go out the back door and step into the unknown as we fight back the bird bullies seeping through the seams of the universe. If you don't see what you are looking for, come back and try the teleporter again.

Items Required:

  • Bully Beaten x10
  • Knight Owl Discovered x6
    • Click on the blue arrows on Screens 11 and 12


  • 3,000 Gold
  • 11,000 Exp
  • 4,000 Rep : Brethwren

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