Doctor Hoo


Great Time Lord Owl
I am Doctor Hoo, the Time Lord appointed to protect all the Birdswitharms Brethwren. I have been saving the universe and helping the innocent since before the chicken or the egg. But now I seek the help of Humans to fight back the BirdsWithHarms, hoo-hoo. They're spreading across space, time, and the universe. Let's time travel together to save the cosmos!

Dead Parrot?
Is that a LoreLegion Blue? Lovely plumage — but there are much bigger problems that need to be addressed first, like, for example, saving the world and whatnot. But tell you what: if you help me defeat enough BirdsWithHarms across the space-time continuum, owl feather inspect your parrot. Hoo-ooo hoo-hoot!

- Doctor Hoo's Quests

Location: Birds with Harms
Note: This NPC is a parody of Doctor Who.


Thanks to Amduscia.

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