Note: This cutscene is a parody of the cutscene Extinguish the Flames.

«Scene: the Hero fights the Phedra»

Hero: Where are those sea-slime licking water priests?
Hero: I thought they were going to weaken you!

«The Hero charges the Phedra»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Feverfew Temple»

Pyralis: Something something can't hurt the titan, can only affect Tyndarius
Pyralis: Because Titan is part of the world, cannot injure world

Priests: /chant /chant /chant
Priests: /chant /chant /chant more
Priests: Do your duty. DO YOUR DOOOOOOOOOTY!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Neso rises against a night sky»

Neso: Water > Fire, but an avatar will not harm the world, and and a titan IS the world something something
Neso: But I <3 you my priests, and I <3 <3 <3 the hero, so I will help… but with Tyndarius

«Neso glows»

«A ball of fire streaks across the sky»

«Scene: Pyralis looks up, the Hero runs in place next to her»

Priests: Sad day no roast bird for dinner.
Priests: But I am told whyy, and now I tell you.
Priests: I tell you some more.
Priests: I tell you what the water lady DID do, so at least you get something out of it.

  • Note: The above lines said by the "Priests" are actually Pyralis'.

«Scene fades»

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