Do Dawn

Infinite Beginnings
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After completing the 'Pisces Alpherg' quest:

Infinite Beginnings
My counterpart and I are the Envoys of the Arcana, while you are lost. At a loss. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground, yet you continue to fall. Endlessly. Your story runs side by side with that of the Arcana’s. Our purpose is to guide you to the realization of your journey. Wherever you wish to take it - be it to complete destruction, infinite creation, or both - we will be with you. Now, where shall we begin?

Your goal is to seek justice, a hallowed concept that can soar beyond good and evil. We will be working towards dealing justice to the wicked Astravians who wronged your love, your friends, and the lost lives that stood up for your names. Do you not wish to call it revenge? No? Justice and vengeance are twins, or the same identity wearing different masks. But, how you decide to depict your story is your choice.

The Fool
The Fool is the first in the cycle, and represents the endless potential of the beginning of all journey’s. They are not meant to stand at the summit of the World. But because they leant you their flesh and eyes, they will be ever present throughout your cycle. This event is unprecedented and for once in our existence, we cannot view the future with clarity. Perhaps, this will be our final journey alongside a child of the Empress.

Outside of Astravia, some places have no concept of what a King is. Similarly, your realm has the concept of time. The various realms of the Arcana Primordials do not. Therefore, your perception of time and where you exist in it will drastically change because of your new circumstances. Take care, the effects of standing in the Fool’s realm are dangerous. Unless, you see these unpredictable fluctuations as an opportunity.

- Equip Darkon's Armor - Darkon (Temp) is equipped upon clicking this button
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Location: Genesis Garden
Note: Disappears from Screens 1 and and 5 after completing the 'The Emperor' quest.


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