Deified Pharaoh of Storms
It is an honor to meet the warrior Crulon named as this age's best. I am Djeba, former Pharaoh of the Sandsea - but more importantly, I was once a Hero like you. A new river has been born. I have risen as a stand-in for the Sandsea's ruler, and with Crulon as my appointed Lector, we called upon you to complete a sacred ceremony. Duel Sobekemsaph, the Deified Pharaoh of Warfare, to earn our people the right to drink from the river.

Would you like to talk? I am eager to engage with the Heroes of today without the weight of the sky pressing down on my head.

When I was mortal, the sky was collapsing on the Sandsea. I harnessed the power of the sandstorms, sealing their might in my body so that my presence would hold the skies high. My people urged me to allow them to raise my position to deific status in order to continue protecting them. As you can see, I obliged, reigned as Pharaoh for a time, and allowed my successors to rise after entombing myself.

The crocodilian guardian you are facing in ritual combat is former Pharoah Sobekemsaph, one the rulers who came after me. He was a mortal, deified by the people as their god of warfare to ward away evil. Like me, he entombed himself to allow his successor to guide the Sansdea into a new era, but returned when this river was born. This is a good sign. Sek-Duat is no longer in power, meaning he can no longer keep the Sandsea stagnant.

The Pharaoh is meant to preside over the birth of a new river alongside his Lector. Zhoom is the current Pharaoh, but the Sandsea desert itself is wary of him. That is why I awakened - to assume the role in his stead. Sek-Duat abused his title as Pharaoh, refused to relinquish it, and trapped the Sandsea in centuries of stagnation. Zhoom has a…connection to Sek-Duat. Until he proves himself, even I must be cautious about directing Crulon to him.

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Location: Crocodile River


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