Divine Decree


«Scene: Hero and Lae standing in front of The Vindicators»

Hero: Stop!

Vindicator 3: On what grounds?
Vindicator 3: A malicious entity has stolen the soul of the child buried on this hill.
Vindicator 3: Her body is contaminated by its evil.
Vindicator 3: We are doing the people a service by purging it.

Lae: That can't be all you want to do.
Lae: I'm not seeing any flint or kindling.
Lae: Judging by how dedicated you are to doing good, I would have thought you'd burn the body on the spot.

«Mysterious guard steps forward»

???: You would be correct.
???: But evil has congealed in the roots of this town.
???: They worship the same entity that steals their souls or worse, corrupt them into beasts.

«Guards turn around»

Vindicator 1: Commander Gramiel!
Vindicator 2: My Lord!
Vindicator 3: Commander Gramiel!

Gramiel: Burning the body will not suffice.
Gramiel: The corpse is to be dissected and examined.
Gramiel: We must learn all that we can about the influence this so-called 'Liberator' has on this town.
Gramiel: Such a grand name for a paltry ghoul.


Gramiel: For we are the Dawn Vindicators, burdened by our mission to protect the pure from the fangs of evil.

Hero: You won't even listen to Alvi's family?
Hero: Their beliefs are…strange and a bit freaky but they aren't hurting anyone.
Hero: You're the one barging in making a mess when they're trying to do better.
Hero: Listen to yourself! You're digging up a child's grave!

Gramiel: Ease your worries. What is buried here is no longer a child.
Gramiel: She must have been of the wicked sort to attract the attention of the false deity.

Hero: That was all a really long and embarrassing pitch to convince me to break your knee-caps.

Lae: If you're taking the left, I'd like to smash the right.

Gramiel: Pathetic.
Gramiel: Truly pathetic.
Gramiel: Yet more proof that humanity cannot stand on its own.
Gramiel: They need me to rescue them from their own foolishness.

«Scene fades»

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