«Scene: Hero fighting Gramiel»

Hero: Um Lae? Anytime now--

«Lae flashes past the Hero, behind Gramiel and slashes him with his sword»

Gramiel: Parlour tricks?

«Hero runs towards Gramiel»
«Gramiel powers up»

Gramiel: Enough!

Hero: Argh…
Hero: He might have gotten a hit in on me while I was blinded.


Hero: That stings worse than it should've. What was that light?

Gramiel: You!
Gramiel: Both of you possess power that should rip a mortal's body apart.

Hero: Or maybe you talk too big for a bag of lukewarm air.

Lae: Sheesh, and I thought you were pretty angry at me back in the shrine.

Gramiel: I only show my power to true threats to humanity.
Gramiel: And it has become obvious that you are the servants of the false Liberator.

Lae: Say that we are.

Hero: Don't.

Lae: We all decide to completely let loose and raze this lovely pastoral forest to the ground.
Lae: Not a great look for your Vindicators, right?
Lae: You didn't harass the townsfolk enough to make them go to war like your other victims.
Lae: How about you cut your losses and we meet up another weekend?

Gramiel: Those are the excuses of a coward.
Gramiel: Unfortunately, I will have to let you two escape for now.
Gramiel: My brave soldiers have suffered injury thanks to you and the town you've duped.
Gramiel: But our main goal has been accomplished.
Gramiel: Farewell for now, vermin.
Gramiel: But mark my words, I will hunt you down.
Gramiel: Your flayed carcasses will lay exposed to the light.

«Vindicators disappear»

Lae: They're gone, and you need to lay down.

Hero: I'm not that bad.
Hero: Just because I'm not Hollowborn and invincible doesn't mean I can't walk off a bruise.

Lae: Heh, we're not totally invulnerable.

Hero: Alvi's grave is going to need a bit of sweeping but otherwise—

«Hero looks at Lae»

Hero: They mentioned they had another goal…
Hero: Shoot.

«Scene: The village and houses on fire»

«Hero and Lae get to the villagers who are mostly lying on the ground»

Sólbiört: We couldn't stop them!
Sólbiört: They took the children, all of them!

Hero: Do you know where they were kidnapped to and why?

Sólbiört: The Vindicators were rounding them up for some sort of Reformation.
Sólbiört: I don't know what that is or where this will happen.

Lae: They were quick, and honed in on their targets.
Lae: This can't be the first time they've tried this strategy

«Close up on Lae and the Hero»

Lae: It's safe to say they must have a base to hold so many prisoners.
Lae: Hopefully, this Reformation takes time. I'm going to need it to track their movements.

Hero: You're going to stick around and help?

Lae: You and I are similar.

Lae: Whether we were the ones starting trouble or not, we'll be the ones to finish it.

«Scene fades»

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