Dirtlicker's Dilemma


«Scene: Arch Portal. Nulgath speaking through the portal with Dirtlicker»

Nulgath: Dirtlicker! The time is almost upon us! The dimensional planes of Lore and the Oversoul are re-aligning!
Nulgath: You must establish the portal, forever linking the two dimensions, allowing my return to Lore!

Dirtlicker: I understand, Master.

Nulgath: Do you? Do you remember what happened to the last minion of mine that failed to establish this very link?!

Dirtlicker: I… do, Master. Though I try not to think about it…

Nulgath: Well keep it in mind now, so that *you* don't fail me! To ensure the portal is created, retrieve <Hero> for assistance.

Dirtlicker: But what if he refuses to help?

Nulgath: Do not question me, Servant! He won't…

«Scene changes to Hero, in some forest, when Dirtlicker grabs him from behind»

Dirtlicker: You, you're coming with me!

«Dirtlicker takes Hero away into another part of the forest»

Hero: Hey! I was doing something important!

Dirtlicker: Not as important as this. You see, very rarely does this opportunity arise.

Hero: Who are you?!

Dirtlicker: I am Commander Dirtlicker.

Hero: Your name is… Dirtlicker…? Hahahaha!

Dirtlicker: Do not laugh, Hero! This is a title of honor!
Dirtlicker: Master Nulgath gave me this name himself! Before my name was Dominatron the Awesome, but then my Master gave me the title worthy of a king!

Hero: … Hahaha!

Dirtlicker: Are you done?

Hero: Yes… Ha…

Dirtlicker: *sigh* As I was saying, I am in charge of Master Nulgath's troops here in Lore and right now, I need your assistance.

Dirtlicker: Good. Now, very rarely, two dimensions will begin to drift towards each other.
Dirtlicker: When this happens, a link can be formed between the two, forever allowing objects to move between the two dimensions.
Dirtlicker: As we speak, the dimensions of Lore and the Oversoul are drifting closer and closer.
Dirtlicker: My Master wants us to establish a portal between the two, allowing him and his newly created army to return here on Lore.
Dirtlicker: Now that you have been informed, we must make a portal to the Nation Stronghold where we will build this link.
Dirtlicker: This will be my test to you, in order to see if you are capable of seeing this task through.

Hero: Alright! Let's get started!

«Scene fades»

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