Dirtlicker Defeated


«Scene: Hero runs towards Dirtlicker and breaks his Fiend Shard»

Dirtlicker: No! My Fiend Shard!

Hero: It's over, Dirtlicker!

«Dirtlicker jumps and tries to attack Hero»

Dirtlicker: Never!


«Scene fades»
«Dirtlicker lying on the ground, unconscious»

Oversoul Spirit: That had to hurt! Let's just leave him here.
Oversoul Spirit: Without his Fiend Shard, he shouldn't be a threat.
Oversoul Spirit: Nulgath's Fiend Shard should be right through those doors. Let's go!

«Scene fades»
«Spirit and the Hero on Screen 9 of Fiendshard standing next to Nulgath's Fiend Shard»

Hero: Whoa! That Fiend Shard is massive!!!

Oversoul Spirit: No wonder Nulgath is so powerful. If all his Fiend Shards are near this size. He is nearly unstoppable!
Oversoul Spirit: We must destroy it!

«Void Knight and Paladin Fiend appear in the room»

Hero: Looks like we have company!

«Scene fades»

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