Dire Situation


«Scene opens with Noxus sitting on Gravelyn's throne in the throne room of ShadowFall. Gravelyn is imprisoned on the stairs and Vordred stands in front of the throne.»

Noxus: Hah ha ha!

«Scene zooms to Noxus»

Noxus: Excellent… Everything is going according to plan.

«Scene moves to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: …according to plan!?

«Scene moves back to Noxus »

Noxus: Gravelyn, did you seriously think the heroes could have gotten this far if we didn't let them?

«Scene moves back to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: !!

«Scene moves to Noxus»

Noxus: It is a trap. You know… if I still have lips I would be smiling ear to ear.
Noxus: With all of these hero-vermin gathered in the Courtyard. I will now eliminate them with a single attack.

«Scene moves to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Impossible! They have broken through your undead minions.

«Scene moves to Noxus»

Noxus: Ha ha ha! Yes… through MY undead minions.

«Scene zooms closer to Noxus»

Noxus: But you said so yourself, Gravelyn, your former undead army outnumbered mine here is 10 to 1.

«Scene moves to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: !!!

«Scene shows the whole throne room»

Noxus: Vordred… Command Gravelyn's former forces to surround the attackers.

«Scene shows the attacks of Gravelyn's undead army»

Noxus: Oh, this is going to be fun… Ha ha ha… FUN! HAH HA HA!

«A green flying eye comes in»

Sally: Master Noxus, I bring urgent news!

«Scene zooms to Noxus»

Noxus *sigh*: Know that if I still had lips, I would be frowning. Go ahead…
Sally: The ArcAttack experiment has already begun here in DoomWood!

«Noxus stands up from the throne»

Noxus: WHAT!? ArcAttack is there ALREADY!?

«Scene moves to Vordred»

Vordred: !!!

«Scene moves back to Noxus and the green flying eyeball»

Sally: Yes. They have already begun their experiments with electricity, music and elemental magic.
Sally: If Vordred does not arrive here immediately, we will miss our opportunity.
Noxus *clenching his teeth… um… as if you could tell*
Noxus: Very well, Vordred, teleport back to DoomWood. I will join you after I have finished dealing with the Heroes.

«Scene moves to Vordred»


«Scene shows the whole room, where the green eyeball flies towards Vordred, and then both disappear»

«Scene moves to Noxus»

Noxus: Hah ha ha! Now, back to the main event…
Noxus: Listen, you can hear the impending doom that is about to take place.

«Scene moves to the door»

Heroes: We are surrounded!
Heroes: There is no way in or out!
Heroes: We are about to be swarmed… fight with honor until your last breath!

«Scene moves back to Noxus»

Noxus: Gravelyn, are you ready to watch all of your friends and allies perish the hands of your own undead forces?
Noxus: You have failed completely.
Noxus: How ironic. Not a single undead minion in all of ShadowFall serves you.

«Scene moves to Gravelyn, smiling at Noxus»

Gravelyn: Actually… there is still one…

«Scene shows the whole room»
«Hears chuckling»

Noxus: What was that?

«Chuckles appears and knocks Noxus out of Gravelyn's throne»

Noxus: Ooof!

«Scene moves to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: That's using your head. Now, free me.

«Chuckles frees Gravelyn of an invisible chain on her leg»

Chuckles: Hee hehehehehehehehe!

Noxus: Impossible! All of the undead that I created for your father is under MY control!!
Gravelyn: That's right, bonehead.

«Scene zooms closer to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: But I made Chuckles! He was my first undead minion. Daddy was so proud!
Gravelyn: Now that Vordred is gone and I am free… MINIONS…

«Scene shows Gravelyn's face»

Gravelyn: Let the heroes pass. Noxus is all yours, my friends.
Gravelyn: I think I'll just enjoy the sight of you grinding him to bone dust.
Gravelyn: Finish this fool.

«Screen fades»

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