Dinner is Served!



«Scene: Lots and lots of soldiers in Battleon Town»

«Goredon stands next to a gong»

Goredon: It's time to carve you turkeys!

«Goredon transforms, grows two extra arms and runs off»

Goredon: The Legion needs souls and Dage has given me the honor of the harvest!
Goredon: Eat your veggies or face my blade!

«The monsters in the background cheer»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero faces off against Goredon»

Goredon: You will fight for the Legion or you will be more food for the troops!

Hero: Your turkey is dry and gravy tastes like MUD!

«Goredon draws his sword»

Goredon: You're going to regret that potato-face.

«Goredon attacks the Hero»

«Scene fades»

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