Did you see THAT?



«Scene: Chilly in Mystcroft Forest with a jar of flame»

Chilly: One tuft of moon-buwnt mogwinster fur.
Chilly: This will help me get wid of our problem… for good!

«Twig literally slides onto the screen from the bottom right»

Twig: Whatcha doin'?

Chilly: Twig! Be caweful! You're too young to be out here alone.

Twig: Someone told me a boogeyman has been stealing little kids.

«Twig's head changes into Jingles' head»

Twig: Is that true?


«Jingles slides off-screen to the right and the camera pans left to the Hero»

Hero: Chilly! What's wrong?

Chilly: Did you see him? DID YOU SEE HIM? He was wight thewe!

Hero: Who was?

Chilly: THAT!

Hero: Chilly… there's no one here.

Chilly: But… I saw him…

Hero: Better take a break. This work is making you paranoid.

«Scene fades»

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